Medical Recliners

  • Available In 32.5″W x 50.5”H x 38”D
  • Rated For Up to 350lbs
  • Three Reclining Positions
  • Side-Mounted Foot Panels
  • Simple Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Rear Handle For Easy Patient Transporting
  • Heat and Massage Function


Medical Recliners

The rapidly changing needs of laboratory and healthcare work environments necessitate a flexible workspace that works as hard as the professionals utilizing it. Medical Recliners from Intensa provides comfortability for patients and flexibility for the medical professionals using it. Evolving healthcare requires medical interiors to keep pace with providers needs along with medical and diagnostic advancements. Healthcare facilities should enable these ongoing advances along with providing the patient with an environment promoting positive healing out comes.

Designed for patients who have trouble standing, pivoting or sitting, a medical recliner from Intensa provides full functionality in the exam room. To begin with, medical recliners are available in 32.5″W x 50.5”H x 38”D providing plenty of space for patients to be comfortable. Intensa rates their recliners to be able to withstand up to 350lbs, making them able to handle the weight from most patients. Then, three reclining positions can be simply activated by the patient or physician. Similarly, side-mounted foot panels are easily put into place to provide the occupant with more comfortability. Removable side panels make cleaning and maintenance efficient, furthermore, a rear handle allows for easy transportation of patients. Finally, an option for a heating and massage function will maximize the patients relaxation while using the recliner.

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