Flip Top Training Tables

  • Worksurfaces available in 24″ depth at 48″,60″ and 72″ widths
  • (7) Contemporary Laminate Finishes
  • Flip Top and Nesting Mechanism
  • Available Locking Casters and Ganging Hardware
  • (3) Available Bases in Black, Silver of White Finishes
  • (2) Styles of Modesty Panels


Flip Top Training Tables

These flip top training tables are an economical solution to address your boardroom, training and seminar needs. They are an affordable, highly modular system of freestanding and connecting tables which can be linked together to address all your training room needs.

First, select your worksurface configurations. Choose from a variety of shapes including rectangular, trapezoid, half round and hexagon. Training tables come in standard 24″ depth by 48″,60″ and 72″ widths with options for seven contemporary laminate finishes. Then, choose from three available base styles in black, white or silver finish. Select either perforated metal or mesh modesty panels, then move on to your training room configuration. Keep your space dynamic with mobile locking casters and flip top work surfaces that nest together for space-saving storage. Or, create sturdy static configurations. Optional ganging device allows you to join your table configurations with ease.

Want to explore solutions for a more effective learning environment? Here’s what we recommend: take a stab at quantifying your project. Measure your space, create a rough drawing, then attach a headcount and find some inspiration to bring to your meeting. Saying, “We have a 15’x30′ space that needs to fit 8 people and we like this style/layout/furniture…” is a much better jumping off point than “How much does this desk cost?” If you need a hand, our team will gladly come walk your space and help out with that first part. Fit your vision for the office?

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