Benching Workstations

Confer by Trendway presents a new approach to a system furniture layout. With the rise of an open office environment, benching systems have become quite popular in the work place. Confer complements any work environment well with a sleek, contemporary design that effectively utilizes your space. Traditionally, cable management is a concern in a parallel desk arrangement, but the Confer system solves this problem with a convenient cable trough. Keep your office organized and productive with a Confer benching workstation from Trendway.


Benching Workstations | Confer by Trendway

Workspaces should accommodate the needs of your workday. Benching systems facilitate efficient open office environments by maintaining a clear space for hectic day-to-day operations. Traditionally, parallel desk arrangements facilitate productivity, but you run into issues with cable clutter. The Confer benching workstations combat this concern with power management troughs to keep your work environment organized and functional. Confer can be one-sided or two-sided, simple or complex. Simple yet effective in design, the Confer benching workstations from Trendway complement any office setting.

Benching from a human point of view — Confer offers space-efficient planning plus flexibility to suit people’s preferences. Additionally, any combination of fixed and height-adjustable work surfaces can be located in a single footprint. Applications can range from open collaborative spaces to private carrells. Whether your workspace is small or large, the Confer benching system can configure to meet your objectives. Interested in creating an elegant, functional work area?