Trendway Benching System

Capture user needs, functionality and details with systems furniture by Trendway – the Capture system affords a fully customizable array of options to make sure your benching systems balance both concentration & collaboration in any environment.

    • Open Office Benching
    • Hot Desking Systems
    • Call Center Workstations


Trendway Benching

Determining the right office system for your work space can be difficult. Office benching systems afford a flexible, functional work environment to support the user’s objectives. The  Trendway benching system easily meets the needs of users, as well as those of their organization. Fewer pieces to manage, which matters when you’re trying to keep track of inventory. Not only that, the Capture benching system is simple to install and reconfigure – translating to efficient moves, adds, and changes with little downtime.

Capture’s steel frames connect using bare hands and a screwdriver to tighten up the connection. Capture has a wide variety of tile options that snap into place quickly & hold their position over time. That means your facility maintains its aesthetic quality and visual order year after year. With the Capture System, you’ll appreciate all that it offers users – and everything it does for owners! Interested in creating a flexible office environment?