Frame Insert Panel Systems

  • Numerous frame insert options
  • Create customized panel for a fraction of the cost of a special design
  • Swap and Switch panel inserts with the unique U-Channel clip
  • Easily add functionality, like whiteboards
  • Create your own frame insert (½” thick), using bold and distinct fabrics, interesting textures and provocative patterns
  • Create distinct workstations, benching areas, reception and alcove areas
  • Open frame design allows for easy cable management
  • Patent-pending, versatile, brushed nickel, chrome or black mounting clips
  • Inserts can be installed by users or facilities managers

Availible in:

  • Fabric
  • Clear, smoked, frosted or glazed acrylic
  • Whiteboard, laminate and metal

OFW has options for customizing your cubicles for a fraction of the cost of replacing with panel insert systems!

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