Office Workstations

Whether you’re looking at solutions for call center furniture, computer workstations, teaming areas or associate offices, it’s paramount to support user-needs with choices surrounding their cubicle workstations. The Choices line from Trendway allows for just that – endlessly configurable and integrative office furniture for every environment.


Office Workstations | Choices by Trendway

Functionality in your work environment is an important factor when considering the design of your office. Traditional cubicles do not always meet the challenges of the workday – office workstations should be flexible to match your work style on any given day. Choices by Trendway makes it simple to create unique, inspiring and highly functional spaces. All Trendway systems elements can be cross-integrated — blending beautifully to provide almost limitless design flexibility. A broad selection of design options extend the possibilities even further — warm up the space with wood grain laminate, or choose from one of five pull options. The choice is yours.

Cubicle panels come in 12″-60″ widths and 30″-84″ height. In addition, channel dividers, segmented panels & glass cubicle doors are available when privacy is called upon. Need to hang up important reminders or documents? Office workstations from Trendway allow for seamless integration of tackable fabric, dry-erase, and slatwell tiles into the system while maintaining a sleek appeal. If storage becomes a necessity, additional overhead hutches, office shelving & freestanding file cabinets can be integrated simply, and efficiently. Interested in creating a highly functional, contemporary workspace?