Open Plan Workstations

The Razor System creates a modern designer look at value pricing. Enjoy the flexibility of Razor Tile and Razor Panel options. Combine these options with desking, accessories, storage and seating to create a chic, complete office design. The flush base and square connectors give an upscale design while maintaining a tight budget.


Open Plan Workstations

A productive work environment starts with the right office layout. Open plan workstations provide an excellent median between collaboration and concentration. Traditional office cubicles receive a lot of flack for being areas of isolation and depersonalization, but the Razor Collection strives to challenge this notion. Contemporary styling makes the system both inviting and highly functional. Available in 3 different finishes, you are sure to find a system that integrates exceptionally with your office design.

Simple yet efficient, the Razor system is an open concept workstation series comprised primarily of options for work surfaces, supports & storage. In addition, the Razor collection configures to meet the needs of a variety of work environments. Overhead hutches are available along with low storage if so desired. Work surface risers ensure the user can alter their workstation for any task presented. The Razor collection provides practical office cubicles in an elegant fashion. Interested in creating a collaborative, engaging work area?

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