Panel Overlay Tiles

Extend and refresh the life of your existing furniture for a small investment.
Available for all systems furniture regardless of manufacturer, custom sizes available to fit your requirements.
Add functionality and new look with whiteboard, fabric or laminate.
Quickly create an updated segmented look on monolithic panels.
Easily installed or repositionedby facilities management or users, no staff downtime.
Ultra thin tiles are 3/16” proud of existing panel.
Exclusive hook design and adhesive technology by 3M®.
Great alternative for new designs and color options.

Visible Face Options

  • Fabric
  • Laminate
  • White Board
  • Silk Screen on Fabric or Whiteboard
Uses and Applications

  • Full Panel Coverage
  • Wall Covering
  • Accent Tiles
  • Promotions
  • Whiteboard Anywhere

OFW offers options for customizing your cubicles and maximizing your workspace to save you time and money.

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