TrendWall by Trendway

A floor-to-ceiling, demountable office partition system designed with sustainable environments in mind.

  • Choice of Surface Material, Doors & Configuration
  • Integrate Seamlessly with Existing Construction
  • Depreciates in < 20% the time as drywall
  • BIFMA and SCS Indoor Advantage Certified


TrendWall Demountable Partitions

TrendWall is a fully customizable, floor-to-ceiling system of demountable partitions. Providing visual access while maintaining effective division, architectural products from Trendway go beyond the “glass office” phenomenon in popular workplace design. The modular office partitions streamline project management, contribute to higher ROI for the work place & achieve industry certifications for sustainable sourcing & indoor air quality.

Project Management

Compared to traditional drywall construction, TrendWall’s unitized panel system affords a considerably shorter project schedule, resulting in less downtime for your organization. Custom specifications and renderings can easily be provided, accelerating the pace of your facilities projects. TrendWall demountable partitions’ design allows rapid installation and reconfiguration. This saves you the expense of excessive downtime and construction disposal costs with further traditional construction.

Return on Investment

Modular office partitions afford quicker depreciation, greater reusability and, eventually, a higher ROI when compared to traditional drywall construction. Modular office partitions depreciate on the MACRS schedule, which amortizes the investment over 7 years versus 39 years for new construction. Traditional drywall construction has 0-10% reusability. Comparatively, demountable partitions’ components have 99% reusable components. After recouping your investment, a cost-effective new floor plan can be achieved with the only expense being labor.

Trendway Architectural Products

The overall quality of your work environment is a major factor in productivity. Trendway’s line of architectural products have achieved the BIFMA Level 2 certification for sustainably sourced materials, the SCS Indoor Advantage seal for indoor air quality, and an acoustics privacy rating of at least “excellent” (SPP 79). TrendWall movable walls are made in the USA, designed to provide a sustainable solution for flexible office space. Fit your vision for the office?

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