Office Dividers

  • Easily Retrofit Highest-Traffic Areas with Taller Panels
  • Mounts to Interior or Exterior of Cubicle Workstations
  • Add up to 24″ Height to Panels in 18-60″ Widths
  • Clear Tempered Glass or Laminate
  • 20+ Finishes of Laminate and Metal Framing


Office Dividers for Cubicles

Safety is paramount, but it should not come at the cost of function or design. Panel and desk-mounted office dividers offers substantial protection for your highest-traffic workspaces. Quick and easy to install, this unique product works with virtually all slotted cubicle systems without the need to damage the current panel.

Partition your unique workspaces with office divider panels configured between 18-60″ widths. With an impeccable fit and finish and a discreet look, it extends the height of the panels as high as 24” and is comprised of easy to clean materials to help reduce the risk of spreading infection in the workplace. Office dividers for cubicles are a durable solution available in clear tempered glass and laminate; easily reconfigured in the future and removed if needed. Configure your optimal aesthetic with 20+ finishes of laminate and metal framing, or clear acrylic to preserve connectivity in your open office spaces.

Your search for modular office partitions is one for a solution that affords effective division and ensures hassle-free reconfiguration. And, remember, we’re here to make your workspace work as hard as you do. Office dividers for cubicles are ideal for increasing partition height at cubicles and standing desks in your open concept work environments. Will they be ideal for your office? Only one way to find out.