Used File Cabinets

Find a solution for your office organization that helps cultivate a cost-effective workspace with used file cabinets. Office Furniture Warehouse has a varied selection to meet any objectives – while style, availability & price may vary, our ability to find your used filing cabinet won’t.

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Finding Used File Cabinets

How do you find the right used file cabinets for your office? A workspace that’s not well-organized always seems like it needs another receptacle for papers to land in. However, jumping on the first option when your reach the breaking point often lends itself to a new mess being created. Before you begin shopping for storage solutions, we suggest performing some due diligence to simplify your search:

  • Determine the Storage Volume Necessary

This errs into the territory of establishing a system for organization. Decide on a method of filing and outline your organizational hierarchy, then make an educated guess on the number of individual files that would be necessary. Aim high. Organizing geographically, for example, could mean having “Nashville” and “Chattanooga” files. If those each have ten of your clients’ files, and each client file has three sections, then you would need about sixty files (2 locations x 10 clients x 3 sections).

  • Convert Storage Volume to File Space

Filed documents in a file cabinet usually consolidate very well, but cramming those documents defeats the purpose of tidy organization. Determine needed space by ballparking your number of files needed and multiply it by estimated average file width. Let’s say you have very thick files, and that the average width is about 2″. If you need 60 files at an average of  2″, then you need 120″ of file space. You could achieve this with a 36″ 4-drawer lateral file cabinet (36″ wide drawers x 4 = 144″, room to spare) or a 4-drawer vertical file cabinet (27″ deep drawers x 4 = 108″, squeezing in).

  • Establish Purchase Criteria

After determining how much space you actually need out of a file cabinet, figure out what you’re looking for in terms of style, size & budget. Full disclosure – style options are limited as far as used file cabinets go. There are a variety of colors and configurations (flipper drawer, vertical, lateral, etc). It’s fairly easy to size file cabinets: lateral files are measured by width and are usually about 20″ deep. Vertical files are measured by depth and are usually about 19″ wide. When budgeting used file cabinets, it’s usually safe to assume $30 per drawer (verticals) and $75 per drawer (laterals).

Office Furniture Warehouse carries a large selection of used file cabinets in different sizes, configurations & styles to help pioneer a home office or satisfy the needs of growing businesses striving to preserve capital.So, moving forward, here’s what we suggest: take a stab at quantifying your project. Attach a headcount, measurements and any other concrete data you can collect (our team will be glad to help). Then, work in inspirations from personal preference and your brand. We’re here at 1900 Stuart Street every Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm. You can send us a message and book time using the button below, or stop by at your convenience. Our sales team will take it from there. Sound good? Tell us about your project!