Used Office Desks

Used Office Desks are ideal for businesses striving to preserve capital while maintaining a professional appearance. Office Furniture Warehouse has a varied selection to meet any objectives – while style, availability & price may vary, our ability to find you a used desk solution won’t. Visit our showroom, give us a call or have a sales rep contact you to find a high-quality, cost-effective workspace solution!


Why Buy A Used Office Desk?

We’ve got three good reasons. First, used desks are inherently durable. Let’s be honest – you’re going to bristle more at the first scratch on a new desk than one with some character. Second, used office furniture can win your business “resource reuse” tax incentives. If 30% of the total furniture budget is “salvaged, refurbished or used”, the project qualifies for LEED credit. That saves money on the front end of the purchase as well as on the bottom line. Finally, a used office desk is incredibly cost-effective. Compared to list prices, you can expect to find an office desk used discounted approximately 75%. That investment will last just as long and look nearly as good as buying new.

Office Furniture Warehouse carries a large selection of Used Office Desk styles to help pioneer a home office or satisfy the needs of growing businesses striving to preserve capital. For a growing business, time and money are everything. Here’s the deal with used office furniture – it’s quicker quality that keeps your up-front costs low. Most often, you should expect severe discounting relative to buying new (exceeding 40%). Since everything’s in stock, you don’t deal with lead times. Our local installation team can render service as soon as you confirm a date.

So, moving forward, here’s what we suggest: take a stab at quantifying your project. Attach a headcount, measurements and any other concrete data you can collect (our team will be glad to help). Then, work in inspirations from personal preference and your brand. We’re here at 1900 Stuart Street every Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm. You can send us a message and book time using the button below, or stop by at your convenience. Our sales team will take it from there. Sound good?

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