Used L Desk

Preserve your office space and your workspace budget by investing in a Used L Desk. Office Furniture Warehouse has a varied selection to meet any objectives – while style, availability & price may vary, our ability to find you a used desk solution won’t.

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Used L Desk Solutions

The “L-Desk” configuration is very versatile. First, an extra work surface makes better use of office real estate by retaining use of the desk’s perpendicular space. The ability to arrange workstations corner-to-corner and not have anyone against a wall makes a big difference. Then, with that extra usable area, the occupant has the option to stack additional overhead storage. Providing pedestal file cabinets underneath and a storage hutch overhead can meet most occupants’ organizational needs. Finally, the value of any desk found in our showroom will outweigh any light wear it may have. Here’s the deal with used office furniture – it’s quicker quality that keeps your up-front costs low. For example – the desk pictured lists for approximately $1,500, while we have the same desk pre-owned marked at $375 (subject to availability).

And, while we try to keep as much material out of the waste stream as possible, we can’t save everything. We only stock used office furniture with a condition of 7 and above on a scale of 10. There may be knicks and scratches, but there will certainly be character and craftsmanship.

Office Furniture Warehouse carries a large selection of Used L Desk and other used desk styles to help pioneer a home office or satisfy the needs of growing businesses striving to preserve capital. Since everything’s in stock, you don’t deal with lead times. Our local installation team can render service as soon as you confirm a date.Visit our used furniture showroom, give us a call or have a team member contact you!