Used Wood File Cabinets

Find a solution for your office storage that helps cultivate an organized, cost-effective workspace with used wood file cabinets. Office Furniture Warehouse has a varied selection to meet any objectives – while style, availability & price may vary, our ability to find your used filing cabinet won’t.


Used Wood File Cabinets

Finding a cost-effective solution for office storage that cultivates a professional appearance doesn’t have to be difficult. Used wood file cabinets are an excellent investment in office organization. Wood furniture is inherently durable because you’re able to revitalize it. The organic composition provides slight visual and tactile stimulation, shown to increase productivity. Real wood in the workplace has also been shown to lessen stress reactivity & psychologically resonate with multiple generations.

Here’s the problem: real wood in the workplace costs a pretty penny. If the benefits of wood outweigh the costs then, by all means, let’s talk timber. If not, here’s the solution: we found that maintaining the useful life of quality wooden furniture benefits everyone’s bottom line. Carrying cost-effective solutions for small businesses, a unique product/service mix for us & a perpetual opportunity to promote conservation…a real head-scratcher.

Office Furniture Warehouse carries a large selection of used file cabinets in different sizes, configurations & styles to help pioneer a home office or satisfy the needs of growing businesses striving to preserve capital. So, moving forward, here’s what we suggest: take a stab at quantifying your project. Attach a headcount, measurements and any other concrete data you can collect (our team will be glad to help). Then, work in inspirations from personal preference and your brand. We’re here at 1900 Stuart Street every Monday through Friday from 8am – 5pm. You can send us a message and book time using the button below, or stop by at your convenience. Our sales team will take it from there. Sound good?

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