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Reconfiguring Southern Health Partners’ Corporate Headquarters

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Southern Health Partners (SHP) provides customized healthcare to over 200 city and county detention centers across more than a dozen states by partnering with facilities to provide quality care at affordable prices. The Office Furniture Works team recently had the opportunity to help SHP’s purchasing manager to reconfigure their corporate headquarters in Chattanooga with used workstations that would accommodate their rapid growth.


The Space

SHP’s headquarters occupies space in a southeast Chattanooga office building.The space has a large open area surrounded by partitioned, private offices. Nearing the end of their lease, SHP had to examine options for office space that would accommodate their rapid growth. They came to the decision that, with the benefit of security from the office complex, renewing their lease was the most cost-effective option. However, the current configuration of their office wouldn’t accommodate a growing staff.

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The People

The Chattanooga headquarters is home to SHP’s purchasing, accounting, HR & legal functions. While Southern Health Partners employ thousands nationally, the corporate headquarters in Chattanooga houses around 30 employees on any given day. Additionally, there are approximately a dozen remote workers that use the office only a few days per week to touch down. Previously, the large open area housed the support staff at workstations arranged in 4-packs. The open-plan concept suited their needs, but the configuration quickly became tight as the office grew.

“When we decided to renew the lease, we also decided that ‘if we’re going to stay here, we’re going to make it work for us’.”

– Mindee Wallace, SHP Purchasing Manager


Used Cubicle Configurations

To strike a balance between SHP’s budget constraints and desire for aesthetic quality, Office Furniture Works tapped into one of our dealer resources to broker a selection of used cubicles that weren’t available in Chattanooga to fit neatly into SHP’s desired style & budget.. A national network of businesses like us – just another arrow in our quiver. The used workstations feature an espresso trim on 56″ tall panels in light grey fabric with white worksurfaces.

There are sixteen used workstations total, arranged in two sections separated by an aisle connecting the middle of the work space. In each section, workstations are configured on either side of a common partition. One section has two rows of five individual workstations, while the other has two individual workstations and (2) two-person workstations (six total).

Since there are not enough private offices to accommodate the entire managerial staff, we needed to incorporate distinguishing workstations. In addition to twelve 6×8 cubicles, there are four 8×9 cubicle configurations (two located on either end of the office layout). Both have plentiful individual storage with a lateral file, overhead cabinet & personal wardrobe.


“From start to finish OFW was a pleasure to work with.

They customized a perfect layout for our unique space in the most efficient way possible. I don’t believe any other company could have provided the same level of customer service and professionalism as OFW. We are very grateful and looking forward to enjoying our new space.”

– Mindee Wallace, SHP Purchasing Manager

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