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HWY 58 Volunteer Fire Department Training Center

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The Highway 58 Volunteer Fire Department is a 100% Volunteer Department located in Hamilton County, TN. The Fire Department provides fire suppression, rescue, and medical assistance within the 112 sq. mile district, and responds to approximately 1500 calls per year. 5 Stations are located throughout the district that house 36 pieces of apparatus, and a Training Center. The Office Furniture Works team recently had the opportunity to work with the Department’s Office Manager as they expanded their training center operations, furnishing new private offices, conference and training room furniture.

The Highway 58 Volunteer Fire Department maintains a mixed-use training center, centered approximately 5 miles from each firehall. The department conducts weekly trainings with the 65 volunteers on their roster, and makes the space available for rent to the public when not in use. In 2018, the department completed a 7,500sqft. addition to a school building they department has owned since the 90’s. Then, our team had the privilege of furnishing the entire expansion, which includes a multipurpose training room, shared spaces and an array of private offices.

Conference Space & Common Areas

The feature space is approximately 500sqft of mixed-use conference room and workstation area. A 12-person conference table in the center of the room is flanked by four individual workstations – an L-desk in each corner, and a rectangular desk along the back wall. The boat-shaped conference table features drop-in power modules for each section and brushed aluminum bases. Surrounding the table are mobile training room chairs, which imbues the space with a certain flexibility when the conference table’s not in use.

Two of the workstations against the back wall are each occupied by two volunteers. So, with an elongated corner, the l-desk has both seated space and work surface for both occupants. Each of the L-desks has a storage hutch and locking pedestal, complemented by very popular ergonomic seating.

The private conference and staff break rooms each have round tables in complementing grey finish. In the private conference room, the table has a slab base and leather chairs. These features afford the space a bit more formality relative to the break room with polished “x-bases” and plastic stacking chairs.

Training Room Furniture

HWY 58 VFD’s Training Center is embodying purpose with the entire building, and the training room furniture is no exception. Set centrally in the building, the almost 900sqft. room has no drop-ceiling and plenty of wall space to mount audiovisual and training materials. Mobile mesh seating for ≥20 affords the space a degree of flexibility while maintaining comfort for lengthy sessions. Then, mobile training tables with flip top nesting capability complement the seating to cultivate a truly versatile space for learning. The room is used for a variety of purposes, from weekly trainings to monthly pickin’ parties.

Private Office Furniture

Finally, we furnished private offices for the EMS, fire chief and support staff. In the rear of the expansion, EMS’ has two operator workstations and plentiful space for storage. Two desks for support occupy a space between the training room and main corridor. The support office workstations are smaller, mirrored configurations of those in the main conference space. However, opting for freestanding storage casegoods afforded the support and fire chief’s offices greater space for organization.

“OFW has made our experience smooth and effortless during a very hectic building project.  The staff went above and beyond for us.” – Tammy, HWY 58 VFD Office Manager

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