Prioritizing Natural Lighting & Individual Privacy in a Compact Workspace

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The Office Furniture Works team recently had the opportunity to furnish a group of used office cubicles at a flooring distributor’s corporate headquarters in Ringgold, GA.


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The Space

The company renovated their existing space and needed to find the best way to fit six to eight workstations in a compact area. Each cubicle needed to provide a significant amount of individual work area. While the decision to replace the workstations was imminent, the time frame, available space and budget were all tight. We needed to maximize the amount of individual workspace while maintaining enough space to move around. The work space solution also needed to minimize the project’s price tag and lead time.

The People

The existing cubicles didn’t provide adequate visual or acoustic privacy for their occupants. Usually, taller cubicle panels are a simple remedy for making spaces more private. However, maintaining the reach of natural light from windows on one wall of the work space was a priority. We needed to find a workstation solution that balanced privacy and visual accessibility.


used office cubicles for sale near me

Used Office Cubicles

We created a configuration of six workstations with used office cubicles, which get a bad rap! While used office cubicles may boast fewer options and have more limited availability, ordering new cubicles will consistently cost more and take longer. When a quick response is required, opting for high quality, pre-owned office furniture minimizes cash investment and lead time.

The panels are 65″ tall – plenty of height to provide the desired privacy. However, the top foot of the panel is a frosted glass insert. The visual and acoustical privacy are maintained, but light from the windows can still pass through the glass throughout the workspace. Each of the six workstations measure 6’x7′, and all but one workstation’s surfaces are configured in a “u” (totaling about 30 sq. ft. of work area).

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Cubicle Configuration

The used cubicles are arranged in a four-pack in the center of the space and two-pack against the wall furthest from the door. The configuration provided the greatest amount of work area while maintaining enough space to maneuver. While smaller cubicles could have been used, fitting eight workstations into the space would be near impossible without feeling cramped.

Each workstation has fully integrated power, multiple storage units and utility wall. The utility wall is a slatted mounting system that allows for easy hanging of accessories and organization implements. Combined with two file cabinet pedestals and an overhead storage drawer, the space for organization is plentiful.

used office cubicles for sale near me


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Smaller offices can be difficult to navigate when it comes to design and furniture planning.

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