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Wall Mount Workstations for Louisville Tile

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Louisville Tile of Chattanooga offers the latest trends & timeless looks in ceramic, porcelain, stone, glass, and metal tile in addition to providing all the material to install and maintain your new tile properly. Serving the Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Tennessee markets for over 50 years, Louisville Tile Distributors’ mission is to be an industry leader, a trusted partner to customers, a family for employees, and a friend to the community. The Office Furniture Warehouse team has a long-standing relationship with the fine folks at Louisville Tile of Chattanooga, and recently had an opportunity to reconfigure a workspace with wall mount workstations to make room for more staff.


 The Space

The space is partitioned room with a service counter on either side, previously housing two desks, printer and file storage. There’s a high level of through-traffic, and the orientation with traditional desks provided neither enough room for staff nor enough space to accommodate that level of usage.

The People

The space that had previously accommodated two needed to be expand to four workstations, housing the operations manager and three members of the sales staff. These are positions that necessitate the best of both worlds when it comes to workspace: openness and accessibility for collaboration, as well as a “focus space” to minimize distractions and keep organized.

We needed to create a functional, flexible workspace for four people while retaining enough open space to accommodate frequent usage and traffic.


Wall Mount Workstations

In order to maximize the usable area of the workspace, we needed to minimize the footprint of the workstations. We achieved this by using wall-mounted tracks from which to hang cubicle panels, work surfaces & storage. The wall mount workstations themselves are 6′ x 6′ cubicles, with one panel against the wall to mount workstation storage components. To provide visual and acoustic privacy, a second cubicle panel extends from the wall and turns a slight corner. This achieves a defined work area, but the change in panel height avoids closing off visual accessibility. Each cubicle includes two locking pedestal filing cabinets, overhead flipper drawers, tack boards and task lights to create a well-lit, well-organized work environment.


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